Friday, January 27, 2012


For the handful of people who are tossing about the idea of doing this along with me, I wanted to remind you that Wednesday is February 1st! 
No worries if you haven't been able to capture your shots this month, join in next month.
And if you have only found 2 or 3, I'm excited to see whatever you have no matter what! 

Just in case you haven't started yet, you still have an entire weekend plus two week days.  Completely doable!  Here is the list one more time for January.

January's photo list
Indoor play
Stacks of Sweaters/Winter Clothing
First of the New Year
  -First Snow
  -First Family Dinner
  -First New Outfit
  -First Book You Read
Bundled Up
Bowls of Soup or Cup of Hot Chocolate/Winter FoodCleaning

Don't forget that you have one freebie slot, so if you just can't get one photo on the list, feel free to post another picture you ARE in love with.

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  1. Shannie, So do we post the pics on this blog??? Not sure where to post the pics I took. Didn't get all of them but did pretty good, I think.