Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let's try this...

I LOVE Pinterest and spend way to much time merrily pinning away.  But I do glean tons of good tips and recipes from it. I also find a ton of photography resources just waiting to be discovered.  I happened upon a list of TOP TEN PHOTOS TO TAKE EACH MONTH.  Everyone seems to be pinning it... but I think I am not only going to pin it, I am going to attempt to do this over the next year.  I have also asked a few friends to do this along with me.

So, here is the first list:
January's photo list
Indoor play
Stacks of Sweaters or Winter Clothing
First of the New Year (ie: First Snow, First Family Dinner, First New Outfit, First Book You Read)
Winter Weather
Bundled Up
Bowls of Soup or Cup of Hot Chocolate/Winter Food

I am giving everyone a free slot each month. If there is one photo you just don't get, It would be fine for you to submit a random photo from that month you like and want to share.

I honestly am just winging this group thing, so I trust my friends will have patience with me as we work together to eek out the bugs. But it's going to be a learning process for all of us!


Also, I am completely trying out this linky thing.  So, if you guys want to link you blog up to mine, try it and we'll see how it goes!  Let me know if it doesn't work!