Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Second Round of Concerts

 Last night, my friend Amber and I traveled to Indy to see Jack's Mannequin (her fav) and Guster, one of my favorite bands!  And for an added bonus, we both really loved the opening act, Lady Danville.  The concert was probably one of the best I have ever been to!  Jack's Mannequin played for an hour and Guster played for 2. TWO HOURS!  It was crazy amazing. 

I thought this was fun!


If I heard correctly, there were 4,000 people at this show.



A lot of the seats were empty because as soon as Guster came on stage, everyone was at the stage



Jack's Mannequin (Amber's pic)
Jack's Mannequin

Lady Danville

Lady Danville

Me at the concert!

A Couple Weeks of Concerts

 A couple weeks ago I got to go to Pittsburgh to see Breathe Carolina and I See Stars and 4 other bands.  The concert was amazing and I had a great time visiting my PA friends!  (I took all these pics with my phone.)

Free time...


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Christopher's Birthday Party!

This is what happens when you tell this one to smile! lol!

Happy Birthday Christopher! I cannot believe you are seven already!  
You are my favorite seven year old nephew by far!!!