Monday, January 31, 2011

Simplicity: Something Different

Something Different.  The girls are learning to read. Every time I walk in the room and they are reading, it takes my breath away.  They read everything they see, it boggles my mind that my babies are reading.

Project 64-Robin's Egg Blue

 The bowl was my grandma's.  She ALWAYS served peas in it.  The rolling pin belongs to my girls.

project64 button

You Capture-Happy



The Paper Mama-The Valentines Challenge

The Paper Mama

Scavenger Hunt Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011

Texture.  Taken at the laundromat.  Not my sock! :D
Fog: It's frozen, but fog non-the-less.
Button: Cards our girls made for us.
Beverage: Tea. Love it, can't drink it.
Seventies: I KNOW these dryers are from the 70's.  But hey, they still work!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011


My daughters are the best of friends.  They still think that they are friends before twins! 

 Laundry.... uhg.  But as much as I hate doing it, I am grateful to do my children's laundry every week


Scavenger Hunt Sunday 012311

Memories: This was a clock I played with when I was little. I loved this clock!

Silhouette: Our kitty, Roly Poly, watching squirrels

Doorways: We measure the girls inside their closet door. IF we ever move, this door is coming with us!

Reflection: The girls LOVE to look at themselves in the mirror! Usually, they are primping, singing or just being goofy!

 Silver: These three are sisters.  They have gone to their church for over 47 years and were honored yesterday.  I was glad to be able to be part of the ceremony!

Project 64: Chestnut

 This is a doll that my aunt made me when I was a little girl.  My girls love to play with her now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


pastorsgirlsponderings photo challenge: People