Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The only Christmas post

 I didn't take a lot of pictures at Christmas. I really just wanted to enjoy this year and be part of the holidays with my girls instead of being behind my camera.  This weekend, we had our last two Christmas celebrations.  I brought along my camera and snapped a few shots. (few... hahahaha)

Syli waiting and watching TV
Kali waiting and watching TV
The girls LOVE tape.  And by LOVE tape, I mean they use it constantly.  So getting six rolls of tape each was an amazing thing.

Kali and her LaLaLoopsy

Syli and her LaLaLoopsy
I kinda enjoy photographing these dolls... don't be surprised to see them again.
Grandma Jane

Grandpa Jim


Kali's favorite Littlest Pet Shop
See, told you.

Aunt Ashley playing with, err, opening the toys

After presents, we all had cheesecake (yum)
Kali sat next to Grandpa, so she had to do a fair amount of protecting.

Syli trying to decide if Grandpa made her strawberry milk correctly.

Not sure anyone can resist the hair on these dolls.

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  1. We love these! Great moments mixed with artsy stills. :-)