Monday, November 1, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge 10

UPDATE! Some of the other judges are submitting their stuff for judging... so I hope it's not too late, because I am too!

I'm judging this photo hunt... and very excited/nervous about it! :D  It's always fun doing these challenges and meeting a deadline!
Photo Hunt 10... this one was a lot of fun.  I had never heard of Tilt-Shift Photography until this challenge.  So, I've heard of it and will never do it again.  hahaha!

In Disguise
Fall Colors
A Jack O’Lantern

A Shot from the Ground
A Landscape
A Fall Tradition-at our house Fall brings on colds and allergies, so it's not a fun tradition, but a tradition none-the-less.
Books-Vintage Hymnals, they always make me think of my grandparents.
Dining-Baked apples with walnuts and raisins.  The adults in my house liked it but the it was declared "gross" by the little girls.
Child/Children-Sweeping leaves. My kids fight over this chore now... too bad it won't last!

Faces formed in Nature-This was totally an accident.  I noticed it at lunch and ran and got my camera!
Tilt-Shift Photography (from my archives)-Cathedral of Learning in Pitsburg, PA.
B & W with selective coloring
Best Photo taken October 23rd -Not my best picture ever, but one of my favorites from this day.
Something from the Kitchen-Bottle of Vanilla in my kitchen window.
Something Vintage
Something Creepy-Clowns are always creepy, but especially so at Halloween
Something Golden
A Self-Portrait-Hey, it's me!


  1. great job! i'm judging, too, but i have the second half of the list for my five categories, so I linked up in the first are we just automatically disqualified if we participated? LOL. oh was still fun and I don't do it for the votes anyway. haha. your shots were great though, especially shot from the ground, face in nature, creepy, and jackolantern (which was also a little Nice work!

  2. Love the vintage and the book photo. The baked apples with walnuts look so yummy!!! Making my mouth water.

  3. I love this entire collection and your jack o'lantern is pretty great. I also really like the mood on your self portrait.

  4. The jack o lantern is awesome! :D

    Landscape is beautiful, and your "face in nature" made me laugh! :D

  5. Great shots. Love the Jack O'Lantern! Too bad you can't have your work judged too cause I see some winners here.

  6. I adored your series. Your tradition sounds like our tradition. (ha!) Spooky was fantastic, but my favorite was your vintage shot.

  7. I really love your collection of photos. I'm also glad to know someone else eats spaghetti o's besides me. Love your in the kitchen shot, the tilt shift, in disguise, books and shot from the ground. There's a lot of those I like. Perhaps I should be shooting from the ground more often.
    Happy day to you.

  8. i really love your jack-o-lantern shot!! one of the best - great photos :)

  9. Love so many of these... shot from the ground, jack o lantern (it's so sad!), disguise. Your something creepy is REALLY REALLY creepy! and your faces in nature made me smile.

  10. Great photos, I really like your take on the fall tradition - I really struggled (failed) with this one. Love the lighting in your self-portrait too, soft and dreamy.

  11. Your in disguise is so cute! Also love your faces in nature! What perfect luck! It came out great!