Tuesday, May 1, 2012

12 Months of Photos-May!

Photo List for May!!! 
We've done it guys... this is 5 months of picture taking!  Give yourselves a round of applause!  Here is the list for May.  Also, if anyone has anything they would like to put on a future list, let me know!  This is a completely a group project, so send me ideas as often as you want!

1. Four Legs
2. Comfort
3. Sunrise/Sunset
4. Self Portrait
5. BBQ
6. Mother's Day
7. Black
8. Close-Up
9. A Smile
10. Shadow

Take as many of these images as you can and then at the end of May, post them so we can all see how you have interpreted the list.  Use any camera you have, phone, point and shoot, professional... it doesn't matter. The point is to get out and take photographs and have fun!

You may substitute one photo on the list with another image from this month if you want!

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