Monday, April 2, 2012

12 Months of Photos-April List

 WOW, April's list will be the fourth month we've all taken photos together! I've loved seeing your interpretations and I've really enjoyed hearing about how much fun this is for everyone!  Thank you to all who are participating. Feel free to invite your friends! 
Remember, even if you don't get all 10 items, we still want to see what you have done, so don't ever let that stop you from sharing.

12 Months of Photos-April

1. Yellow

2. Easter Celebrations

3. Looking Up

4. Flowers

5. Out of Place

6. Glass

7. 1:00pm

8. Circle

9. Breakfast

10. Fancy

If you absolutely can't find one of the photos on the list, or have just taken a photo you really love, substitute it in.  Happy Photography!


  1. I didn't realize you did this. What are the rules? Do you post these pictures on certain days?

  2. Jules, there aren't any rules. We usually post them at the end of the month once we acquire all the pictures. JOIN US!!

    Shannie, if I took a picture last month that fits that I didn't use, should I use it?