Friday, May 20, 2011

May 2011 Photo Hunt


About a year ago I attempted my first photo hunt and over the course of the year, completed 6 more, missing the last one due to the craziness of life.  While I haven't actually taken the pictures yet, I am posting this link to challenge myself to complete this one!  
The deadline is June 1, so if any of you guys want to try it... there are still 11 days to take pictures! 

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  1. I signed up for last months, but life got busy for me too. So while I took most (not all) of the list...I have never had the time to edit and resize to put on my blog. :( I'll have to try and make this one happen, but I can't promise. My part-time job is working me more than my original part-time hours. So we'll see. Looking forward to see what your perspective of this list is. :)